It was a last-minute decision to attend the LIB 2017 music festival in Bradley, California. This was a gathering of peaceful souls who all came to let loose and free their spirits. I met so many people, it was amazing. It’s hard to compete with the connectivity you feel when going to a festival like this. It really is a step in the right direction for humanity. You don’t get people approaching you and making friends in everyday life. Society has mastered separation and it’s unfortunate. I like the feeling of togetherness and unconditional love I get from festivals like this.

Purchasing an early entry ticket for an extra $60.00 was well worth it. I scored a campsite that was way closer to the entrance gates than most others who arrived Thursday.  Also, I had my bike which made it even faster to get down to the party. It was challenging finding a level spot to park Da PeaceTrain as the majority of the camping spots were on sloping hills. I was the first one to start a second row behind the campers on the main road. It wasn’t long before I started a trend, the area I chose filled up really quickly after I set up shop. It was so random that we made a small community of 4 single guys. We all became friends and I will stay in contact with them for sure.

The LIB festival…

…boasts some of the most creative stages and theatrical venues. There were all sorts of places to get lost in and enjoy the shows. Everything from burlesque dancing to fire throwing and speed dating! I was also told by some veteran LIB goers that this year was the best year to come. There was actually water in the lake this year as California has experienced heavy rain all winter and most of the spring. This made for a nice place to cool off as it was very hot during the days. Apparently the lake was a mud hole for the last three years. I was lucky enough to meet a friend who I nicknamed Little Bear and she had a floaty for us to use! We were joined at the hip for the last 3 days and I feel very fortunate we met. It really was incredible how many people I talked to  and had an amazing connection with.

I found out about several other upcoming festivals that would fit right in to my lifestyle on the road. I will have to keep selling my art to sustain this pricey habit, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Also I will look into volunteering or working for the festivals to get a free ticket and even better camp spots. I met a few people who work for companies that build the stages and work for the vendors. Shouldn’t be too hard to line something up in the future.

For those of you who have never…

…attended a music festival like this, what are you waiting for? The time is now! There are lots of big festivals and even smaller ones all over the world that will be sure to fill your musical needs! It truly is transforming to attend one of these events, you’ll never regret it! With that said, I’ll wrap this up. Don’t ever be afraid to play like a kid and dance like nobody is watching. It’s liberating and can make an impact on the way you treat others and YOURSELF!!

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming events!!



My First Warning!

Van life – the struggle is real..

I heard them outside the van, writing me a parking violation last night. It was just a warning but was a little bit of  a reality check! I completely disregarded the signs when entering the parking lot for Balboa park in San Diego. I was on the fence whether or not I was going to move, but I honestly wanted to stay just to see what the consequences were. Van life is pretty exciting to say the least. I was curious to see if the rangers would even check the parking lot. Not only that, I wanted to see if they hand out fines, and if they did, how much?

I was happy to find out it was only a warning citation. At least now I know that the park staff do check the lots and will hand out tickets if you abuse the rules. What’s the alternative you ask? Well there’s not a lot of options for free parking in the cities unless it’s on a residential street. The only downside to this is that sometimes it’s hard to find a good spot where it feels safe enough to go to sleep in the van.

There are some lots that do allow 24hr parking but they are very crowded and not that quiet for resting. I tried the transit parking lot in Old Town San Diego and that was okay I guess. Train bells going off every hour and lots of cars and honking on the nearby streets close to downtown. It’s best to find a rest stop or a good side road without a lot of neighbours. Good luck on that in California haha.


I had to use the ladies restroom this morning!

At Balboa park, there are three separate outbuildings with bathrooms. Only downside was that all three of the Men’s side were either locked or out of commission. After walking about 3km looking for a pooper, I dipped into the Women’s side of the third building, I was running out of options AND time! It’s not the first time I’ve had to resort to this, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. These are just everyday little struggles that are a part of van life! ANYWAYS, moving on…

I’m gonna head back up the coast towards LA and see what kind of trouble I can get into there! I want to find some tickets for the music festival “Lightning in a Bottle.” It’s an electronic/Indie festival and it looks like there’s tons of art and spirituality influences. I’m excited to set up Da Peace Train in a campground like this to show off the hard work I’ve done and how it compares to others. Van conversions are becoming more popular and I wouldn’t mind seeing some other vans and their setups.

Help me manifest some cheap tickets for the festival 😉

I’m heading out San Diego, it was a slice 🙂





Did this painting yesterday in a beach parking lot in San Diego. Was a good release to get some paint on the canvas. It’s still intimidating being a public artist just painting out of the back of my van! Although it’s getting easier the more I do it  🙂

For this painting I used acrylic for the background, then layered spray paint using stencils and cardboard cutouts. I am trying to build up a bit of a gallery in the van so I have some examples to show people. I also am working on a piece for my friend Manny who lives in Pahrump, NV. Once I establish myself here, it shouldn’t be too hard to maintain this lifestyle.

The tricky part is finding a niche that I like and sticking to it. The more I talk to people, they ask what my style is. I find myself struggling to find an answer because I have lots of styles! I think the best description for my work is is Impressionism/graffiti. I still refuse to stick to one style as I think it limits my customer base. At the same time I’m worried if I don’t have a go to style that makes me stand out, I may be overlooked. I will keep practicing and trying new things until I nail this technique. Until then, please give feedback on new art posts from me.





Greetings from San Diego!

I built this video to show you a bit about my first three weeks on the road. Van life has its pros and cons for sure. But as long as I keep smiling, I can’t help but attract good times and good people! This is the best life ever! I really recommend everyone try living in a van to see what you really need in your life.

I have brought some things on this trip that I haven’t even used yet. My camp BBQ is the biggest space taker that I use the least. I might try selling it to make room for other stuff and put a little cash in my pocket. This trip is costing me more than I originally planned so I’ll have to be diligent with my money.

So far it’s comfortable sleeping in the van at night, the temperature has been perfect. I’m sure if it gets really hot then I’ll be looking for options to cool the van down. There is a few YouTube videos that show how to build a homemade Air Conditioner out of a cooler and a 12v fan and ice. I will cross this bridge when it comes but for now, I’m loving the sleeps in the van.

Getting used to parking where I please and not worrying about what people think is getting easier. Finding refuge for Da PeaceTrain every night has it’s challenges but I’m getting better at it. It’s especially hard in California as they do not allow overnight parking in most of the parking lots/parks. Oregon however, is a lot more relaxed when it comes to van dwelling and parking anywhere for free. I haven’t got a ticket yet so I must be doing something right!

I’m headed up to LA today so wish me luck! Van life in big cities is a little harder haha.

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Save Money While Travelling…

I have been to 11 countries in the world and I know which ones are more expensive than others. I always try and save money while travelling, even when I’m in countries that are costly to stay in. We backpacked Europe for 21 days and stayed in hotels/hostels only 6 nights. We stayed in tent, hidden in plain sight for the rest of the trip!

Obviously staying in a tent and living out of a backpack isn’t the most luxurious accommodations, but it was much cheaper and also a lot of fun! Posting up wherever we had enough tree coverage to hide the tent in cities like Pamplona, Spain and London, England! It was an adventure I’ll never forget and I’m proud to say it was my idea 😉  So that being said, I’m constantly trying to figure out new ways to save money while travelling and extend my stay longer than I once thought possible.

Here’s our camp in Pamplona, Spain.

 It was a beautiful spot right beside the river on private land but hidden from everything. I know in some countries, camping without a permit or not in a campground can be illegal and charges may occur, but I was willing to take my chances since I was confident in our hiding spots lol. This might be a good time to explain why I keep referring to things in plural. My ex-fiance Rebecca and I were the ones to pull off all the gangster camping in Europe.

We did some pretty amazing things together that I’ll never forget and I owe it to our travels together why I’m addicted to seeing new things and experiencing some of the worlds most extraordinary events. It was a very busy Eurotrip to say the least, I don’t think there was one day out of 21 where we weren’t in a bus station, train station or an airport! We saw 8 countries (counting the Vatican in Rome) in 21 days! We were exhausted but had many epic days and nights throughout the trip that made it all worth it.

I don’t want to ramble on too much because I will be posting the Euro-trip in another segment. This was just to open your eyes to the possibility of extending travels and saving money! That is, if you don’t mind roughing it in a tent lol.  Stay tuned because I will be posting more of my previous travels day by day. Happy Travels!

PS. Have you ever had sex while camping? Its in-tents!!




Da PeaceTrain has a new support system!

I just finished a week long seminar in Napa Valley. It was an unforgettable experience making 81 new best friends that support me. The seminar is part of PSI (personal success institution) And it’s half the reason why I am on this journey! The week long course is a way to shut off some programs that hold us back from what we truly can be. I have completely shifted my priorities from holding a job and paying rent to doing art and travelling. For anyone who needs a kick in the pants or some help to set aside their own limiting beliefs, I strongly recommend this work.

Since the seminar, my bullfighting buddy Ross Hill and I have been checking out some of his favourites along the coast. He has connections all over the country from being in the rodeo for the last 10+ years. It’s quite the difference rolling into a town knowing people as opposed to being a mysterious traveller in a van. Ross has some really solid people in his circle and I felt honoured to be welcomed by them. Extremely generous and kind hearted people live in the small towns in between the massive metropolis of the big cities. Whether it be supper and a hot shower or just simple tips on local hot spots, I was pleased to be a part of it.

We met up with some fellow grads from the seminar last night in Santa Monica. Seeing familiar faces again was really nice. Although it seemed like weeks since seeing them last, it was only a few days haha. The Santa Monica pier was a cool place to check out and I’m glad we did. The rides and carnival like atmosphere always takes me back to being a kid. There’s even a giant playground for adults on the beach. From full sized trapeze type swings to static lines and monkey bars. It was quite the experience watching the locals whip around on these things. Mostly because we all tried and failed for the most part, I think I pulled 16 muscles!

I’m off to a San Diego Padre’s game..

..this afternoon and hopefully I can score some cheap tickets. I’m gonna go manifest those now and do some yoga by the beach. I’ve found things work out in my favour if I focus my energy in that direction. Anyways, I’ll post again soon, thanks for reading!!



Poaching free Camping!

There’s plenty of places to park DaPeaceTrain for free camping. Whether it’s a rest stop, a pullout on the highway, a free/cheap campground or down by the river! Meeting people and finding out the rules of that area and the presence of cops helps a great deal when planning where to stop for the night. So far out of two weeks, I have only paid for two nights in a campground. Sleeping in places where you may not be allowed to park overnight adds a  little excitement to the trip haha!! It’s not my goal to impede on people’s property or cause any trouble. I simply want to camp out for the night and be on my way by the crack of dawn 🙂

California has a few more rules when it comes to sleeping in your vehicles and overnight parking. Careful planning will allow me to sleep with ease as I will seek out free or cheap campsites so I can extend my stay. There’s much to learn yet and I’m stoked to keep growing in my van life.

So far I’ve made…

…some really good friends on the road and I feel fortunate to have them. Learning tips and tricks from my new friends was essential. They educated me on local support systems in place for those down on their luck or if you are travelling. Things like soup kitchens and free laundry vouchers or public showers. Those simple pleasures make life easier when they are all taken care of. I am blessed to know what I do now. Thank you Ash 😉

I am coming to you from the Vallejo Starbucks doing a post before my week-long seminar in Clearlake Oaks. I hope to make some great connections and see where I end up after the experience! I’M EXCITED!!



Promotional flair for Da PeaceTrain..

Promoting my website is easy with these new decals! My man Keith at Delaney Signs in Brookings gave me a homie discount I couldn’t refuse.. Da PeaceTrain is looking pretty rad and I’m stoked with the outcome!

I finally made it to Cali yesterday.

My surfer buddy Nathan came along for the ride and we met up with one of his friends Alia in Lagunitas. She showed us this secret swimming hole in this river. We chilled there all day just soaking up the sun and jumping off the rocks into the deeper spots of the river. Reminded me of back home jumping cliffs into Kalamalka Lake!

We drove to San Francisco this morning and I’m now in a coffee shop blogging! This evening could be a real milestone for me as we’ve discussed going to Oakland to watch a ball game! Until then, we are just cruising around checking out the sights of San Fran. There is so much to see here, it’s a very unique city. From buildings built on 45 degree slopes to Alcatraz prison and the wild nightlife/alternative sexuality. This city is a feast for the eyes and I’m happy I got to spend time here.

Here we are in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, and it’s a profound structure. You can barely see little Nathan beside me haha! Honestly I feel like the Hobbit beside my new friend.. That’s not stopping me from having a good time! Im going to seek a shower and get cleaned up before we go to the ball game. Being somewhat clean always makes social events a little more comfortable 😉

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! One Love…