Best way to secure a festival ticket? Volunteer!!

I was talking with some friends from EDC Las Vegas yesterday and the Oregon Eclipse festival came up. Someone told me to try the volunteer page as spots were still available. It’s the best way to get involved and I was accepted within one day of filling out an application!

It was really simple actually. All you have to do is fill out some personal information and what times/dates work for you and a 50$ processing fee and voila! You have successfully filled out a volunteer application. From there you have to put a deposit down for the festival ticket (400.00$). Once the volunteer work is complete and you don’t bail on the agreement, you get the money back. It makes sense to have volunteers pay up front, this way they are committed to the work and not just a free ticket.

This festival is a once in a lifetime event and I feel very blessed to be a part of it. There is a minimum of 24 hours that has to be volunteered during the festival. However I am willing to come early and stay longer to get more experience in the field.

Art will be my angle…

…When I choose which kind of work I want to do at the festival. There is everything from parking attendants to food vendors and clean up crews. I want to use my skills to land me a spot in the “Art Tent.” This decision makes sense to me and I would hate to waste my skills on something mundane like parking cars haha.

I will contact the event leader to discuss options for my placement at the festival. Also I wanted to touch on the camping rules, it says “tents only” for volunteers. Da PeaceTrain is no tent and I’m sure we can figure this out before the date. The Oregon Eclipse runs from Aug 17-23 and I will be heading straight there after my MLS seminar in Napa Valley. The seminar is done on the 13th and I will have a few days to make it to Oregon.

Don’t be shy people, here’s your chance to be a part of an amazing event that doesn’t come along very often. That said, I hope to see some comments or posts that you’ve signed up and I’ll see you there!! Cheers and OneLove as always!




A recap of EDC and my time spent in Sin City.

It was a last minute decision to head to Vegas for the EDC music festival and to meet up with friends. Upon arriving, it was pretty clear that the temperature here was higher than the entire country. Record breaking highs made it impossible to sleep in the van. I tried to the first two nights but it was very uncomfortable. Even the second night, I built a homemade A/C unit out of a styrofoam cooler, ice and a 12v fan. It worked alright but the styrofoam leaked the water through and made a huge puddle in the van when I woke up. I will find a proper cooler that won’t leak and this could be an option for the desert and hotter states in the future. Fortunately I had friends staying at the MGM Grand and was offered a spot (on the bed even) to sleep and get rest from the festival! Thank you to my friends Dez, Frank and Jesse for being so welcoming.

The festival started on Friday but I couldn’t find a wristband for the whole event without spending $450.00. Being a three-day-festival I didn’t feel it was worth that much. I found a wristband for Saturday and Sunday on Craig’s list for $250.00. I met the guy at the Westin hotel to purchase the ticket. Later on, two other people needed tickets and I sent them to the same guy. When we tried to get through the gates, my ticket didn’t work. I went to the information booth and they scanned it and said it was fraudulent. This happens in festivals somehow and I was furious after being denied entry. There were no options other than to buy the complete weekend pass for $450.00! I was ready to take a cab back to the strip but my friends rescued me again! Jesse bought me a wristband and we all went inside together 🙂

Leave no man behind!..

Was the discussion in the car on the way to the festival that night and it reigned true when Jesse stepped up to the plate for me. I met the guy three hours prior to him spending almost 500.00 to get me into the festival. This speaks volumes of his generosity and kindheartedness. He said he knew in his heart, it was the right thing to do and I love him for that! There are no such things as coincidences and I believe meeting Jesse was no exception.

The Electric Daisy Carnival is set at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and I was impressed how big the grounds actually are. It’s very easy to lose members of the group when you’re in such a big area with so many other people. We stuck together like a tribe and had one amazing night of raving and dancing our hearts out! The stages were insane with light shows, professional dancers and pyrotechnics. A visual feast for the eyes and I was blessed to be a part of it.

The stages all stop playing music in the wee hours of the morning at around 5:30am. Most people stay right to the end every night to get the most out of their experience. That said, it’s a huge cluster truck getting outta there in the morning ha ha. They are very understanding when it comes to impaired driving and if they catch you on the grounds, you will only be told to park your vehicle and get a ride from someone else. They will not penalize you or tow your vehicle unless you make it outside the gates. From there, you are LVPD’s problem and they will gladly throw you in jail for disobeying the law. So don’t drink and drive!!

Here’s a quick video of the trip…

The second night…

..Was even better than the first and I couldn’t be happier with the people I was with. We had another amazing night and became even closer as friends. I will never forget the incredible bonds we formed as a group and I hope everyone gets a chance to experience this type of camaraderie.


This festival however doesn’t offer the camping-on-site option like most others do. This adds another dynamic as you must bring everything you want or need for the night. Other festivals allow you to return to your campsite whenever you want to regroup, get changed or get some rest. It’s a challenge but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me as it would have been way too hot to sleep in tents or in my van anyways.

I stayed an extra week..

..After the festival to hang out with Dez and her friends from El Paso, TX. We had fun doing stuff on the strip and crossing things off their bucket list. I enjoy good company and I was fortunate enough to have lots of that while I was in Las Vegas! We stayed at MGM until Thursday and then we moved up to the Golden Nugget in old Vegas for one night. That hotel is cool and full of history but the A/C sucked and I would’t recommend staying there. We only stayed the one night and then moved to the Thunderbird Hotel. This retro boutique style hotel was awesome! Especially for the price, 90$/Night and you get free coffee, free parking, free wifi and excellent air conditioning. It’s not far from the Stratosphere and I would definitely stay there again in the future. I always check out for deals on hotels and many other attractions. They specialize in everything Vegas and it’s a great way to find bargains.

I dropped Dez off at the airport yesterday and I have made my way to Barstow, California. Escaping this heat is a must and I think the coast is the only way to go. I plan on staying in Cali until my seminar in Napa in August. I am going to focus a lot more attention on my art while here and expose my work to some local businesses or galleries. After selling a painting on Fremont st. in Vegas I broke down some walls of limiting belief. Ain’t nothing gonna keep me down now!


I stayed at a friends last night here in Barstow and it’s her birthday tonight so I will probably stay again tonight to celebrate with her. Tomorrow I will make my way to the coast and see where the wind takes me! Life is beautiful and I’m loving every minute of this adventure. Thanks for reading and please comment/share!!





..Is harder than I thought. I have made some really great connections during my time here. There was never a dull moment in the last nine days and I’ve seen lots of the popular attractions around the city. Honestly Denver is the type of city I could easily live in. Especially the outskirts, the landscape here is beautiful. The people here are equally delightful and very welcoming. If you ask me, Colorado has it all!


There are 4 professional..

..Sports teams in the city of Denver. They have the Nuggets(NBA) the Avalanche(NHL) the Rockies (MLB) and of course the Broncos (NFL). I made it to one baseball game in my time here and I loved ever minute of it! The fans here are amazing and I felt a really good vibe while inside the stadium (Coors Field). I could only imagine how intense a live NFL game would be in the mile high city! I’ve heard the crowd energy is unsurpassed when it comes to Broncos games. That said, I may have to stop back in here come football season!

I was also lucky enough to get a complimentary guest pass for the Denver Zoo from my friend Mandy. The zoo was awesome! So many cool animals that receive extraordinary care from the zoo staff. The compound was well-kept and had a very unique design. I loved watching the monkeys! They were by far the most entertaining of all the other animals. Although they do have daily presentations with sea lions or elephants and other animals they have trained to not pose a threat. The zoo is doing a dinosaur theme for the month of July and I was fortunate enough to see some of the upcoming displays. If you have kids and you’re in the Denver area, be sure to stop at the zoo!

Another attraction definitely worth seeing is the Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Morrison. About 30 minutes out of Denver, this natural acoustic powerhouse claims to have the best sound when it comes to musical performances.  The landscape looks prehistoric around this special place and even if there’s no shows at the Red Rocks, it’s worth the trip to check it out.

After lots of sightseeing..

..disc golfing, bike riding, painting and free camping, I’m making a move into the mountains! I am in Morrison, CO right now writing this post in a small coffee shop called Morrison Joe. Upon entering the shop I was gifted a free pastry by the owner just because I was from BC! There are lovely souls in these parts and I hope if you’re reading this, you can come experience Colorado and it’s people for yourself.

Thanks For Reading!

OneLove, JD


Hey guys, DaPeaceTrain coming to you from beautiful Denver, Colorado. I’m currently sitting in one of the biggest Starbucks I’ve ever seen! This place is massive haha! I’m playing catch up on photo posts, as I’ve been too busy actually experiencing this amazing city!

I’ve thrown together some of my favourite pics over the last couple days while in Denver. Every day so far I’ve been flat out trying to do as much as I can! I have already gone disc golfing, attended a Rockies game. Went to the Denver Zoo, had a great BBQ out in the foothills and camped out there. Experienced #Ignitedenver to support a friend who was doing some public speaking on a subject that has troubled his life. I went bike riding on some trails outside of the city and had a beach day yesterday. And today I am going to a potluck with a bunch of fellow PSI grads to share how our lives have been since taking the 7 day life success course.

I am excited to see some of the people I haven’t seen since the seminar and ask them how their journeys are going. I am absolutely loving Denver and I wouldn’t mind staying here a few more days before slowly making my way west to California. The mountains aren’t far from Denver but I want to make my way over to Mammoth and Yosemite.

Summer is basically here already, it was 92F yesterday and supposed to get up to 97F today! I wouldn’t mind hiding in the mountains for a couple days to escape some of this heat! Although I will be headed further inland after Vegas and I know it will extremely hot for this Canuck. I have an amazing tan already but need to be careful because that sun is a lot more powerful here than it is up north. I’ll quit rambling and let you check out some of my photography since being in Colorado. Thanks for reading!!



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Greetings from Denver, Colorado! Since the last time I posted I have made some big moves to the middle of the country. It’s really beautiful here and I feel right at home in Denver. The laid-back atmosphere in this city is second to none and it’s very soothing for the soul.

My Last post on Saturday was from Lake Tahoe. After that I drove north to Reno, and kept going towards Pyramid Lake. I wasn’t planning on spending a bunch of time in Nevada but I really wanted to hit this well known lake for a dip and wanted to start a painting. I was approaching the lake when I noticed a sign for a tow-truck company called Smith and Toby’s Towing. I’m not sure why, but I notice things that usually have some type of significance, and this sign did.

I could see the lake from the highway now. It looked very inviting nestled in the canyons in the middle of the desert. I saw people in their RV’s parked close to the water. Others using the beach to park their boat trailers and just set up camp for the day. I wanted a private spot so I could feel more comfortable setting up, and possibly doing some art on the beach. I found an unmarked road off the highway that looked promising.

The road was ok…

…Minus the unstable sand that keeps your vehicle above ground. The front of the van sank on the third corner and I was PLANTED! I tried to shovel sand out from around the wheels with my bare hands and tried to stuff wood and branches under the tires for traction. Nothing worked. In and out of the van 50 times in an hour trying to get the thing free but to no prevail.  I actually managed to work the van lower into the bowl than it was originally by rocking it back and forth in the sand. I knew now I had to give up, I had been defeated.

Luckily I remembered that tow truck company’s name from the sign on the highway!! (weird how that happens) I googled them and Toby showed up within 20 mins to pull out Da Peace Train. He was a great guy and only charged me 45.00$. For those of you who don’t know, tow trucks usually charge you 300.00$ for any roadside assistance, and they don’t usually go off-road. After getting out of that sand hole I didn’t want to spend much more time in Nevada, I was tired of the desert! I made a decision to head east to Salt Lake City, Utah for some rest.

Waking up early…

…because I knew I had another full day of driving through Utah and Wyoming. I set my new destination to Cheyenne, WY and wanted to make it there by nightfall. Utah is beautiful, It’s really got a lot of different landscapes to keep the eyes busy while driving long straight roads. I was equally impressed with Wyoming and it’s unique landscapes as well. There is a really cool rest area/visitor centre south of Cheyenne. This facility had lots of information about the state and other attractions in Wyoming. They also have a  Wooley Mammoth skeleton set up in the visitor centre. It’s worth checking out!

From there I drove south yesterday morning to arrive in Denver around 10:00am. I had to take my bicycle in to get a new rim as I had bent the old one when I got the van stuck. I found a nice little bike shop and they are fixing it today. Thanks again to my friend Orrin for sending me some funds to fix the bike! Cheers bro I love you! The bike should be done today and I’m excited because there’s tons of bike trails in Denver and I want to explore them!


..was jam packed full of new experiences for me. I played 18 holes of disc golf with my friend Codi after he took me out for a massive breakfast at Doug’s Day Diner in Centennial. The breaky was unreal but the disc golf was even better! I’m a natural at this sport according to Codi. He said I did better than most people on their first day. Only 5 over par which was a pretty good score for a newby. So that said, I may be hooked hahaha.

Another first was attending a Colorado Rockies game last night. Coors Field is an amazing structure and the fans are great! I had fun watching the game last night as it was a “homer dome” in the mile high city. The Rockies won 11-3 over the Indians and it was very entertaining. My friend Thomas took me out for supper before the game at one of the pubs close to the stadium. The food was great and I had a veggie burger that would put most to shame. Thank you again Thomas for showing me the sights and sounds around Coors Field.

Today I might hit the zoo. My friend Mandy works there and said she can hook me up with a homie discount for tickets 😉 She also invited me over to their place for dinner this evening! I’m very inspired by how much support I am getting while I chase my dreams.

I may spend some time here to get to work, I want to create some really nice pieces of art. I have a goal in mind to make 2-3000$ in the next week by selling paintings. That would really help the cause and keep my dream alive for another couple months!

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Kayaking Lake Shasta Video!

Hey guys! Da PeaceTrain coming to you from Lake Tahoe this fine Saturday morning! I went on a fantastic hike this morning and posted the video on my Instagram and FB pages. This video is from a few days back when I was in Redding, Calif. I went kayaking on Lake Shasta and took some decent footage with my Nikon D5500. Check it out!!

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SoCal to Redding.. 

It’s been quite the trek so far, I’ve been on the road for almost 6 weeks now. Last week I was in San Diego, now I’m way back up in North Cali in Redding. I feel trapped in California but in a good way! I love it here, I’m sure I have a Cali soul deep down. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see more of the Country! Here’s some of my favourite shots over the last ten days..

I will be posting some more pics from North Cali soon. I lost my old memory card for my camera, so I’ll have to fill up the new one.  I’m gonna take my kayak out on Shasta lake and explore some cool caverns! Keep checking in and sign up for Da Newsletter if you haven’t already! What-chu waiting for!!

 As always..