Texas girl meets canada

Hello Everyone! Desiree and I are coming to you from Vancouver, Canada where we are trying to outrun the smoke from BC’s wildfires. The sky has changed from bright blue and clear to very smoky and grey. We arrived in Victoria last Thursday and visited some family of mine that live on the island. It was great to reconnect with some cousins I haven’t seen in years. Also rewarding was showing my Texas girl what Canada is all about.

So we started in Victoria and it was gorgeous! It was the first time for me in the Province’s capital and I loved it. From there we went north through Qualicum beach to visit some relatives and catch up. We camped at Salmon Point, north of Courtenay and it too was beautiful. So far after being in Canada almost a week, Dez thinks BC is stunning and she can’t wait to see more.


We decided to head to Tofino on the opposite side of the island the next day. It was my first time checking out that cool little surf town as well and I loved it! There is a great amount of art on the whole west coast and Tofino is no exception. Vanlife had a strong presence there which was cool to see first hand as well. Although we did end up getting kicked out of a parking lot that we tried to crash in. However we expected it after reading the signs for no overnight parking. We didn’t get in trouble but were politely asked to find a new home for the night which was fine. You’re bound to get pinched if you break the rules ha ha.

I asked dez what the biggest difference between canada and the us was…

“Lots of trees and fresh water!” I expected this response and enjoyed hearing that from my new companion. It’s reassuring to hear that BC is so beautiful and it gives me a new sense of pride to be from here. Honestly, even I was blown away by some of the beauty I had not seen before on Vancouver Island.

We took another ferry from Comox to Powell River to visit a friend of mine who has a boat. He offered to take us up the Sunshine Coast for a night on the water. It really payed off coming to see my friend because the tour he took us on was incredible! I’ve never been anywhere north of Vancouver by boat and I would recommend this to anyone who gets the chance. From remote islands to secret coves and tiny fishing villages, the Sunshine Coast has some of prettiest coastlines I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the hidden lake we found and the humpback whale we saw yesterday! We are truly grateful for the experience my friend gave us, here’s some pics from the last couple days on his boat.

heading home today or tomorrow..

It’s been four months on the road. Not only do I have some paintings to catch up on, I have a couple of mechanical issues on the van that need attention. It will be nice to regroup and maybe re-pack the van as well. There are tons of things I brought on this trip that I do not need and it will be nice to make some room in the van.

I’m going to cut this off here and figure out our game plan for the day. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter on the website. It helps me out and keeps you up to date on Da Peacetrain’s adventures!

Cheers for now!

Jonny D