greetings from canada

Hello everyone! Coming to you from my beautiful hometown of Vernon, BC, Canada where winter is fast approaching! It’s been 6 degrees above freezing for over two weeks and van life isn’t so comfortable anymore. My van does have sufficient insulation however I do not have a heater to keep it toasty overnight. I’m staying with family and It’s nice sleeping on a full size bed for a change. Besides, I’m sure my mom likes having me home after being abroad for almost 5 months. Her hospitality is beyond what I’m used to on the road and I thank her for being a great Mom.

So now that I’m here, it’s time to get back to business and make some bank for the next trip! I initially thought of just going back to the oil rigs and swallowing my pride to be a slave for money. But I have been thinking hard on actually pushing my art instead, creating wealth through my creativity. Expanding my brand into different areas will not only pay off financially but will also give me a sense of belonging in the art community. Time to bury my fear and limiting beliefs, it’s time to go public!

“Praying lotus”

setting goals

I am working on completing some pieces for colleagues who have already placed their order. At the same time I am doing other pieces that will eventually go in an art gallery. I am building a brand and need to stick to my own style to create a name for myself. I have yet to step foot in an art gallery and show my work but it’s coming. It’s one of the hardest things to do and it terrifies me, that’s why I haven’t done it yet. I know that when a person is comfortable, they are not growing. There are too many quotes that remind us that taking chances is the only way to advance in life. I have to conquer my anxiety and reveal myself to the art community.

My friend Jason from Vancouver is trying to get me some exposure through a fundraiser and I have donated two paintings to the cause. He is also trying to work out some details on another commissioned piece that would gross 1000$ for the charity. I would be honoured to have my art displayed at a giant function with hundreds of potential clients. Furthermore, my other friend Kunal has offered me wall space at his cafe (Bean to cup) and I’ve already hung two pieces there. This is the start of something good and something I could get used to. Being an artist and actually making enough money to travel the world is my goal and I’m sticking to my guns!

Thanks for reading and stay posted for updates on this adventure I call LIFE!