Greetings from vancouver!

I am downtown VanCity for the weekend with my brother Mac. He is attending a personal growth workshop called the PSI basic seminar. This educational course was a catalyst for me to make some BIG changes in my life. The last six months have been amazing and I owe a lot of my success to the skills I learned at the basic.

Let me clarify that I am not a spokesperson for PSI or anything of the sorts. I am simply sharing that there is a chance for you to take control of your life again and make a difference!

Without this work I would not have had the courage to sell my house, quit my job and convert my van into an RV. I’ve been able to clear my mind and focus more energy on My Art, building success as I network throughout my travels.

Let me ask you a couple questions..

Do you want to create more value in your life? Or, do you want stronger relationships with your family or loved ones? How about this, do you want to make more money and build a successful career or business?

I’m positive most of you could relate to at least one of those examples if not all of them. The exercises in this class are great building blocks help maximize your true potential. Not to mention the amazing relationships you can create with people you’ve never met. Whatever it is you are lacking, you can acquire abundance in almost every aspect of your life.

I would recommend this work to anyone who is open minded and would like to better themselves and others around them. The basic is also 100% refundable if you are not completely satisfied with the work.

Check the PSI website for an upcoming basic presentation in your city and see for yourself. You’ll meet powerful and energetic people. People who have confidence and set goals, creating strategies to overcome any obstacles. You’ll discover a community of support that will help you stay focused to reach your dreams. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the results you create through this work.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at one of the next events. Please contact me for more information or to ask about my experience with PSI seminars.

Cheers, JD