summer van life..the best

Summer is fast approaching in the Okanagan, time to spread my wings and see some sights. Since music festivals are my new favourite thing in the world. I’m going to travel around Canada and see how many I can hit.

The only difference is that I want to attend these festivals as an artist, not just a patron. There are severalĀ events I’ve never been to in BC including Base Coast, Electric Love and Curiosity. Base in the Bush is another festival in Saskatoon coming up in a couple weeks.

I have already secured a spot at Base in the Bush andĀ I will be doing live painting and have some of my art on display for sale. This is HUGE for me and my first opportunity to really put myself out there. I will contact the other upcoming event coordinators and see if I can get similar fate at their shows too.

Until then I am erupting creative energy and trying to get as many paintings done in the next couple weeks as possible. It’s a bit exhausting however I know that hard work pays off. I am ready to push my brand and accelerate my art career into overdrive.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long delays in between posts. Been a really busy spring! Stay tuned and if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, WHATCHU WAITING FOR?