one year abroad!

Greetings from Pai, Thailand. I am finally writing another blog post after many months of radio silence. I have allowed many distractions to pull me away from sharing this beautiful journey. Moving forward I want to manage my time better to allow for more consistent posts to share this adventure with the world!

The Big White Buddha in Pai, Thailand

I am fast approaching my one year anniversary in Asia and that makes me very happy. Lasting one full year seemed like a long shot with the money and resources I had when I left Canada. However my persistence and hard work paid off and I was able to land a volunteer job at a hostel. This has helped me survive and build a relationship with the Thai people that own the hostel. I feel as though I am home, even though home is almost 12,000 kilometres away!

Long term travel has been my goal since I was a young lad. Travelling  for this long has proven to expand my being and enhance my life far beyond my expectations. I knew I would grow a lot on this trip just by experiencing different cultures and qualities of life. But little did I know, I would fall in love with Pai and start measures to make some permanent roots here. I have many ideas that would help support my dream to live in Northern Thailand for many years to come. I won’t spill the beans yet but I am confident that my vision will prove to be lucrative in the future.

since my last post…

It’s been a minute since I sat down and actually wrote something worth sharing on my blog. I have visited four countries other than Thailand since being in Southeast Asia. I have been to Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. My partner Carli joined me on this adventure in January and I am very pleased to share the journey with her. We have experienced many different places together and are leaving for Penang, Malaysia tomorrow to get 60 day visas for Thailand again. One of the disadvantages to staying in Thailand for so long is that we constantly have to renew our tourist visas or leave the country. It’s a challenge but it forces us to see more of this area of the world which is a good trade off in my opinion.

Other than visa runs and doing art, I have invested my energy into some new things that weren’t exactly planned. I have become part of the Medicine Circus here at Backpackers Paradise. We are a collective of fire spinning performers that put on wicked fire shows twice a week. I love performing and it is something I’ve loved my whole life. I’ve just never had a platform to do it on. I am also hosting a karaoke night twice a week and singing at the open mic when I get the chance. With so many creative outlets within my reach, it’s hard to focus on just one. I have still been doing my art and started making custom t-shirts to order. I am trying to keep this dream alive by any means necessary. If you would like to see my new fashion line you can check out my shop on Etsy here!

Well I will wrap this up by apologizing for my online presence or lack there of for the last six months. But know that I am back and ready to keep this blog alive! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my Etsy shop to support!