Art is one of my biggest passions, and specifically acrylic/spray painting. I have been using my creative side to earn a few bucks over the last 5 years. Even more recently in the last year, I have narrowed down a style of art that expresses my creativity better than ever. Getting great feedback on my newer pieces is exactly what an emerging artist needs to keep pushing the limit. The Electric Love Music Festival was this last weekend (July 27-30) and I had my own art vending booth. It was a great success and I sold over half of the paintings I brought. It was a learning curve and I am fortunate to have this experience for the future. I will never cease to grow in this industry and the more I surround myself with other styles of art, the more I will learn. Now I am going to attempt my style on a larger scale. There are many mural artists who make a decent living by transforming brick walls into mind blowing art and I'm excited to get into that niche. I think if I were able to do a couple murals a year and have an art vending booth at a few festivals, I should be able to keep this nomadic dream alive!

Here's a gallery of my pieces from newest to oldest.  You can click HERE to see which ones I have for sale. Thanks for reading and please comment on which ones you like most. Also leave a message if you'd like your own custom artwork created by me! 🙂