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Whether you’re seeking peace and quiet, breathtaking views or the North Thailand cuisine, Pai is the place for you. It is well known for its nearby canyons, hot springs and waterfalls. The downtown is small and easily walkable. There are plenty of local artisans with small shops overflowing with merchandise. Also there are many vendors that offer a wide variety of ethnic foods, including western cuisine. In my opinion, the best thing about the town of Pai is the people who reside here and the vibe I get while here.

It’s not uncommon for people to extend their stay once arriving in Pai. I was only planning to stay a week and now it’s been 12 days. I extended my visa to stay in this north Thailand oasis for another month. When I arrived here I wanted to try and find a place to do some art and possibly use my skill for free accommodations. This has panned out in my favour and I will commence my first mural at The Backpackers Paradise resort/bar this week. I am excited to leave my mark on this beautiful place for travellers to admire.

I have done a ton of sightseeing and have visited many  of the attractions surround Pai. there are two popular waterfalls worth checking out. Mo Paeng waterfall is only 10 minutes by scooter on the north side of Pai. Also the more popular, Pam Bok waterfall on the southern side of Pai. Both falls are cool but the Pam Bok waterfall is near the bamboo bridge. This is an 800m bridge stretched over rice fields in the jungles of North Thailand. It’s definitely worth checking out. And almost anywhere you go there is something that is likely to make your jaw drop or have you scrambling for your camera. There are no shortages of amazing views and scenic trails to discover in Pai, Thailand


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The Pai Canyon is another great sight that looks like the grande canyon just pushed its way into the rainforest. Certainly very unique and worth visiting. Many tourists try to make it up to the canyon for sunrise and get some shots of the fiery skies cresting over the mountains. Another interesting stop is just further up the road from the canyon. The ww2 memorial bridge  that stretches over the Pai river.

If you prefer to have a little more excitement in your travels rather than just sightseeing. Pai has lots to offer in that regard as well. There are elephant sanctuaries and white water rafting. Also slow tubing down the Pai river which I heard is a 3 hour float and lots of fun. Scooter rentals are much cheaper in north Thailand too. It’s much easier and cheaper to see all the sights with your own transportation.

There is also a giant white buddha on the side of a mountain about 5 minutes from downtown Pai. The structure is impressive and the views are lovely from the top. Several other temples are scattered throughout Pai and surrounding it. Honestly my favourite thing to do is just jump on my scooter and start taking random turns until I end up somewhere new. It’s a challenge sometimes but usually very rewarding in the end.

Wrapping this blog post up I would like to share that since being in Thailand, this pace is the most comfortable and affordable for me. The vibes here are amazing and I have made more friends and connections since being in Pai as I have this entire trip. North Thailand rules thus far and I am happy to be a part of the good life it has to offer. I will keep my readers updated with pictures of my mural as I go.

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