Hey everyone!

Sorry for the much overdue blog post. I have been insanely busy building a stockpile of paintings for the Electric Love festival near Chilliwack. I will be vending an art booth and would like to have a decent selection of pieces to better my chances and be a successful booth owner.  This means many hours of playing with paint and different techniques/styles.

I have a month to prepare for Electric Love and am bringing more than just paintings to the event. I have started making buttons and vinyl decals to cater to more people. The festival scene is a great place to network and build my brand. This could prove to be lucrative as well. There is room for growth here and this market might be the perfect place for me to expand and flourish as an artist.

What’s funny about this is I actually manifested a job working at festivals last summer in the States. The only problem was, I was working for someone else. I felt like I was suppressing  my own dreams and taking the easy route. The knowledge gained from working with Liquid Dreams helped me understand the requirements for being a vendor. Now I can take these new skills and improve my own presence as an artist at these amazing events. It’s really exciting to broaden my talents and embark on this adventure in becoming a successful artist.

from canvas to wall…

I am eager to turn my art into a grand scale and start practicing my style in murals. I believe once I get more comfortable with murals the possibilities are endless in the art game. The idea of travelling and doing art to sustain that lifestyle is extremely appealing. I know now what I have to do to achieve greatness in this field. Time to start practicing on some big walls!

I’m not going to start tagging public property, but I do want to get some sheets of plywood and experiment. Some of the art I’ve seen throughout my travels has been beyond amazing. It’s time for me to step up and bring my best self to produce some quality mind blowing art.

Check out the latest works of art I have completed over the last month.  Please comment below to inquire or just give some feedback to this new style I’ve been practicing.

Thanks for reading!




summer van life..the best

Summer is fast approaching in the Okanagan, time to spread my wings and see some sights. Since music festivals are my new favourite thing in the world. I’m going to travel around Canada and see how many I can hit.

The only difference is that I want to attend these festivals as an artist, not just a patron. There are several events I’ve never been to in BC including Base Coast, Electric Love and Curiosity. Base in the Bush is another festival in Saskatoon coming up in a couple weeks.

I have already secured a spot at Base in the Bush and I will be doing live painting and have some of my art on display for sale. This is HUGE for me and my first opportunity to really put myself out there. I will contact the other upcoming event coordinators and see if I can get similar fate at their shows too.

Until then I am erupting creative energy and trying to get as many paintings done in the next couple weeks as possible. It’s a bit exhausting however I know that hard work pays off. I am ready to push my brand and accelerate my art career into overdrive.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long delays in between posts. Been a really busy spring! Stay tuned and if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, WHATCHU WAITING FOR?





greetings from calgary

This weekend I am taking part in transforming peoples lives and setting goals. I am Staffing a PSI Basic Seminar and assisting in creating wealth and abundance for the students. This type of work is an exceptional tool to basically create ANYTHING you want in your life. It also gives people a new outlook on their programs and what drives their decision making.

I just signed up to staff two days ago and am already playing catch up to prepare myself for the seminar. I need to dress in formal attire and look professional.  Lucky I had two suits packed away in the van! Other than that I have to set a 30 day goal. I have to have clarity for what exactly I want to accomplish within that time frame. I have decided that I will have sold 4 inspirational paintings to PSI Seminars and have them displayed in the bunkhouses at the High Valley Ranch in Napa, CA.


i love setting goals!

This goal is a stretch for me as I do not have an abundance of free time in the next 30 days. Good thing I enjoy challenges! I will be diligent with my time management and be focused on completing my goal. Today I am going to buy some art supplies and start one of the paintings. This goal is  a stepping stone for me. I want my brand to be a staple for PSI Seminars, I want to create something that resinates with every student who goes to the ranch. This would be extremely rewarding to me on a spiritual level. Having my art displayed for so many to see gives me goosebumps.

With that said, it’s time for me to make a move. I need to ground myself and let the creativity flow. Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Pictures to follow!

One Love, Jonny D

a music festival in paradise

Greetings from the great white North again! I’m coming to you from Dawson Creek, BC. I am back to grindstone after a week in Costa Rica where I attended one of the most transformational festivals on the planet.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the best festivals so far in my life. Everyone (including kids) should experience Envision at least once. It was an adventure I’ll never forget.

The event is home to the small town of Uvita, Costa Rica. Nestled in the jungle with very little change to the natural beauty of the land. Low environmental impact and sustainability were common practices for everyone at the festival. Many people from all over the globe came together to become one as the music filled the jungle air. The setting was perfect with golden coastlines and white sandy beaches only minutes from the event.

It was truly an exceptional venue with exquisite greenery and unique wildlife. One of the girls from our booth actually saw a real sloth dangling from a tree on her way to the beach one day! All in all I don’t have one bad thing to say about the location, the people or the experience.

the variety of envision

Amongst all the camping, stages and vendor booths there were also workshops and yoga tents. Some of the most educational discussions were part of envisions goal to help build awareness on certain subjects. They had speakers from all over the world come to share their stories or knowledge with anyone who wanted to listen.

The sacred movement tent was for yoga and mediation. Many people took part in these ceremonies as the minds and bodies get tired from overstimulation. There were many other art installations and performances that could keep your attention if ever at a loss.

I was impressed how well set up the venue was for navigating. There were signs everywhere pointing you in the right direction if ever lost. The event staff and the volunteers all did an exceptional job making the experience seamless and enjoyable.

Stages, music and production

Again I find myself completely satisfied with everything on the production side of this festival. From the incredible sound systems to the light shows and pyrotechnics, Envision has it all.

The stages alone are enough to blow your mind with the detail and amount of effort put into each one. Thats before the production team lights up the stage with projectors and completely change what you’re looking at. This is clearly the way of the future using light shows on 3d stages to create a digital feast for the eyes. Here’s the Luna stage with its green dragon coming alive for the crowd.

I want to thank the Liquid Dreams crew for inviting me to be a part of this amazing event and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

I need some sun!

Hey all, I’m coming to you from Edmonton, Alberta on this chilly morning. It’s been a hard winter working in northern Canada and living in my van. I think it’s time for a break, time to unwind and get my tan back!

Today I am flying to Costa Rica for the Envision festival. My friends at Liquid Dreams invited me to join them at the event to help set up a vending booth. Luckily my boss gave me a couple days off to attend the show.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am proud to be a part of it, especially in the dead of winter.

The Envision Festival is a world leader in sustainability and low environmental impact. I am excited to see how this event compares to others in Canada and the US.

With close to 5,000 “envisionaries” attending the festival, I am eager to learn how they can sustain such a clean track record. This cultural movement is a reflection of spiritual connections and interpersonal growth. They have a mantra of “partying with a purpose” in their core values. And they want to continue their quest to enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding ecosystem. Giving back to the community in a way that creates strong bonds with the locals.

I leave Edmonton this evening and will not arrive in Costa Rica until tomorrow at 1130am. I am really excited to reunite with my friends and have some fun in the jungle! STAY TUNED, because I’ll be doing a follow up blog post after the festival to share some pictures and videos of the party.

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You must check out this Aftermovie!!








Hello Everyone!

Sorry it’s been way too long since my last post. I have been back to the grindstone saving up for my upcoming travel goals this year. I am writing to you from Dawson Creek, BC.

In the last year I travelled all over the western United States in my homemade camper van. I had the best year of my life making new friends and experiencing life on another level. I am dedicated to making 2018 just as exciting with new travel goals in mind.

Backpacking south east Asia has been on my bucket list forever and now it’s time to make that dream a reality! I have been doing some research of where I should start my journey. If anyone has any tips or suggestions, PLEASE SHARE!

I will be also be attending the Envision festival in Costa Rica at the end of Februrary. Reuniting with my friends from Liquid dreams and helping them set up a vendor booth. The event is a week long and I lucked out to have it land on my scheduled week off. From there I will come back to Canada and finish up the season at work.

should i teach english?

One of the most common ways to extend travel is to teach English abroad. I have considered this option and would love some feedback from anyone who has done this. Housesitting is another option to stay for free in other countries and I would gladly be a part of this movement.

There are many other ways to make money last longer than expected by staying off grid and relatively cheap. I plan on bringing my sleeping bag and tent to try and camp for free wherever I can.

My art is another way for me to make money while travelling and I will never give up on that. I have heard stories of artists doing murals in hostels and getting paid really well or staying for free. I enjoy challenges and would love an opportunity to do something like this.

In 2017 I made the least amount of money since being an adult. I also had the best year of my life! Travel is the most important thing to me and I will do whatever it takes to to continue living this nomadic lifestyle. Thanks for reading and please comment on where you would like to travel next!



Greetings from vancouver!

I am downtown VanCity for the weekend with my brother Mac. He is attending a personal growth workshop called the PSI basic seminar. This educational course was a catalyst for me to make some BIG changes in my life. The last six months have been amazing and I owe a lot of my success to the skills I learned at the basic.

Let me clarify that I am not a spokesperson for PSI or anything of the sorts. I am simply sharing that there is a chance for you to take control of your life again and make a difference!

Without this work I would not have had the courage to sell my house, quit my job and convert my van into an RV. I’ve been able to clear my mind and focus more energy on My Art, building success as I network throughout my travels.

Let me ask you a couple questions..

Do you want to create more value in your life? Or, do you want stronger relationships with your family or loved ones? How about this, do you want to make more money and build a successful career or business?

I’m positive most of you could relate to at least one of those examples if not all of them. The exercises in this class are great building blocks help maximize your true potential. Not to mention the amazing relationships you can create with people you’ve never met. Whatever it is you are lacking, you can acquire abundance in almost every aspect of your life.

I would recommend this work to anyone who is open minded and would like to better themselves and others around them. The basic is also 100% refundable if you are not completely satisfied with the work.

Check the PSI website for an upcoming basic presentation in your city and see for yourself. You’ll meet powerful and energetic people. People who have confidence and set goals, creating strategies to overcome any obstacles. You’ll discover a community of support that will help you stay focused to reach your dreams. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the results you create through this work.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at one of the next events. Please contact me for more information or to ask about my experience with PSI seminars.

Cheers, JD







greetings from canada

Hello everyone! Coming to you from my beautiful hometown of Vernon, BC, Canada where winter is fast approaching! It’s been 6 degrees above freezing for over two weeks and van life isn’t so comfortable anymore. My van does have sufficient insulation however I do not have a heater to keep it toasty overnight. I’m staying with family and It’s nice sleeping on a full size bed for a change. Besides, I’m sure my mom likes having me home after being abroad for almost 5 months. Her hospitality is beyond what I’m used to on the road and I thank her for being a great Mom.

So now that I’m here, it’s time to get back to business and make some bank for the next trip! I initially thought of just going back to the oil rigs and swallowing my pride to be a slave for money. But I have been thinking hard on actually pushing my art instead, creating wealth through my creativity. Expanding my brand into different areas will not only pay off financially but will also give me a sense of belonging in the art community. Time to bury my fear and limiting beliefs, it’s time to go public!

“Praying lotus”

setting goals

I am working on completing some pieces for colleagues who have already placed their order. At the same time I am doing other pieces that will eventually go in an art gallery. I am building a brand and need to stick to my own style to create a name for myself. I have yet to step foot in an art gallery and show my work but it’s coming. It’s one of the hardest things to do and it terrifies me, that’s why I haven’t done it yet. I know that when a person is comfortable, they are not growing. There are too many quotes that remind us that taking chances is the only way to advance in life. I have to conquer my anxiety and reveal myself to the art community.

My friend Jason from Vancouver is trying to get me some exposure through a fundraiser and I have donated two paintings to the cause. He is also trying to work out some details on another commissioned piece that would gross 1000$ for the charity. I would be honoured to have my art displayed at a giant function with hundreds of potential clients. Furthermore, my other friend Kunal has offered me wall space at his cafe (Bean to cup) and I’ve already hung two pieces there. This is the start of something good and something I could get used to. Being an artist and actually making enough money to travel the world is my goal and I’m sticking to my guns!

Thanks for reading and stay posted for updates on this adventure I call LIFE!


Texas girl meets canada

Hello Everyone! Desiree and I are coming to you from Vancouver, Canada where we are trying to outrun the smoke from BC’s wildfires. The sky has changed from bright blue and clear to very smoky and grey. We arrived in Victoria last Thursday and visited some family of mine that live on the island. It was great to reconnect with some cousins I haven’t seen in years. Also rewarding was showing my Texas girl what Canada is all about.

So we started in Victoria and it was gorgeous! It was the first time for me in the Province’s capital and I loved it. From there we went north through Qualicum beach to visit some relatives and catch up. We camped at Salmon Point, north of Courtenay and it too was beautiful. So far after being in Canada almost a week, Dez thinks BC is stunning and she can’t wait to see more.


We decided to head to Tofino on the opposite side of the island the next day. It was my first time checking out that cool little surf town as well and I loved it! There is a great amount of art on the whole west coast and Tofino is no exception. Vanlife had a strong presence there which was cool to see first hand as well. Although we did end up getting kicked out of a parking lot that we tried to crash in. However we expected it after reading the signs for no overnight parking. We didn’t get in trouble but were politely asked to find a new home for the night which was fine. You’re bound to get pinched if you break the rules ha ha.

I asked dez what the biggest difference between canada and the us was…

“Lots of trees and fresh water!” I expected this response and enjoyed hearing that from my new companion. It’s reassuring to hear that BC is so beautiful and it gives me a new sense of pride to be from here. Honestly, even I was blown away by some of the beauty I had not seen before on Vancouver Island.

We took another ferry from Comox to Powell River to visit a friend of mine who has a boat. He offered to take us up the Sunshine Coast for a night on the water. It really payed off coming to see my friend because the tour he took us on was incredible! I’ve never been anywhere north of Vancouver by boat and I would recommend this to anyone who gets the chance. From remote islands to secret coves and tiny fishing villages, the Sunshine Coast has some of prettiest coastlines I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the hidden lake we found and the humpback whale we saw yesterday! We are truly grateful for the experience my friend gave us, here’s some pics from the last couple days on his boat.

heading home today or tomorrow..

It’s been four months on the road. Not only do I have some paintings to catch up on, I have a couple of mechanical issues on the van that need attention. It will be nice to regroup and maybe re-pack the van as well. There are tons of things I brought on this trip that I do not need and it will be nice to make some room in the van.

I’m going to cut this off here and figure out our game plan for the day. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter on the website. It helps me out and keeps you up to date on Da Peacetrain’s adventures!

Cheers for now!

Jonny D



The Oregon Eclipse Music Festival

Hello everybody! I’m coming to you from Washington State with my new copilot Desiree. I have a partner in crime from El Paso, TX and she is ready to take on #VanLife with me. We met at Lightning in a Bottle and have stayed really close ever since. We just finished attending the Oregon Eclipse Music Festival near Prineville, OR. There were 65,000 people gathered for this once in a lifetime spectacle and we both feel blessed to be there for the event.

The Beautiful Desiree

In the middle of oregon…

..An assembly of sensational souls from far and wide to celebrate the full solar eclipse by raving for eight straight days and nights. This is longer than most weekend festivals and an eight-day event is pretty tough on a person, especially if they’re new to the scene. Dez and I had arrived two days early for our Volunteering positions we acquired months earlier. We also stayed an extra two days for a total of twelve days off the grid with the van.

Here’s our camp spot for the festival. (notice the dust)

The early entry was a disaster as the computer systems failed while signing people in. This created havoc with the eager festival-goers trying to get into their camping spots. It also made for extremely long lines for both the vehicles coming in and the people standing in line waiting to get their wristbands. We were in the van for two hours waiting to park, from there we stood for another five hours to get our wristbands and enter the grounds. I was okay with this due to the reason we received free wristbands for volunteering. Others however were a little short-tempered from travelling and having to wait in line.

After the check in we were able to score an ideal parking spot for the van in the car camping section. This was helpful when trying to locate our campsite when it was dark and full of other vehicles. The grounds were very busy with all sorts of festival people dressed in their finest. I was really impressed with some of the costumes and group themed outfits.

The festival
The dust in the festival was hard to deal with.

one of the biggest festivals in the usa.

The Oregon Eclipse boasted some fantastic structures and art installations. There were designers from all over the globe putting their own special touch into the event and it showed. There were people who came weeks in advance to make this event possible and I thank each and every one of them.

While volunteering I got to help set up some of the lights with the production team. This was cool because I got to learn something new and meet some great connections. Hats off to all the production staff at the Oregon Eclipse, there was so much hard work put in to make that place come alive, much respect to all who pitched in.

The music was awesome, the stages and lights were insanely good, the vendors and food trucks were top-notch, the lake was refreshing but somewhat questionable and the air quality was not good, in fact it was horrible. Honestly with the smoke from nearby wildfires and the forest dust, I felt bad for people who didn’t have some type of dust mask or bandana to help save their lungs over that eight-day span.

Dusty festival grounds

The weather was challenging to say the least, the air was thick and it was really hot during the day and it cooled off substantially overnight. This was a true test to the patrons of the festival to see how well prepared they were. We had no issues other than having to clean the dust off the solar panels two or three times a day.

Our dusty bike

the eclipse took place..

On Monday, August 21st. It started at 9:30 am and was a total solar eclipse by approximately 10:05 am. Desiree and I decided to watch the eclipse from the middle of the lake on a floaty we bought just for that reason. It was amazing to see the sun disappear behind the moon and reveal a golden ring of fire around it. Here’s a quick video shot with my phone as I did not want to bring my good camera on the lake.

seven days and ready for some rest…

like I said, this was an eight-day festival and we’d been on site seven days by the time the eclipse took place. Tired and ready for some rest, we took a few nights off from partying to recover and rest our bones. This was wise and I am thankful I have such an understanding woman by my side.

Desiree and I in our finest festival gear!

We saved our energy for the last night and had an amazing time dancing in the forest with our friends! The vibe was bittersweet when the festival ended as many wanted to go home but at the same time, stay in character at the festival.

Like I’ve said before, festivals are a great place to come and express yourself without fear of judgement. People can wear pretty much anything, or nothing in some circumstances and feel more liberated than ever. It’s a unique environment compared to everyday normal life where people are constantly being judged for who they are. I am hooked to the sensation I get when I am immersed in the loving culture of these gatherings.

That winds up my festivals for the summer at six (so far) and I am happy to end on such an epic phenomena. From here, Dez and I are heading North to Port Angeles to board a ferry headed for Victoria. We will then tour the island before heading to Vancouver and back to the Okanogan valley. I am excited to introduce Desiree to my family and friends even though she’s super nervous to meet everyone lol.

Sorry for the delayed post, I haven’t had service or wi-fi for almost two weeks. I will keep you up to date on my travels and hope we can cross paths soon! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!!


Jonny D

Golden sunset at the end of the festival.