Da Peace Train

I’m starting a coalition of like minded free spirited individuals who want more out of life! My name is Jonny D and I was born and raised in Vernon BC.  Nestled in the Okanagan Valley, I am fortunate to have lived in one of the worlds most beautiful places in the world but I am curious to see what else is out there! I’ve always had a travel bug and was actually voted “most likely to live in Hawaii” in my grad class.  That said, I’m attempting something that not many people try and I’m willing to bet, by staying course and being focused I will get where I want to be!

My Story

I was the oldest of five kids growing up in Vernon, BC. I have an amazing family who will support me no matter what I do. After high school I chose out of college not only because I had mediocre grades, but because I wanted to make money instead of go into debt with student loans.  I chose other debts to get into when I was younger like property, vehicles, quads and scooters and pretty much anything the bank would lend me money for.

I barely scraped by for years and years working in the oil patch making really good money. Mind you, I was also a rockstar party animal who was probably the best at drinking, but the worst drunk you ever met. I was always in trouble in my early 20’s and I blame most of that on drinking. When I was 25 I was in a bad accident where I ended up in a coma for 6 days. I later learned I had jumped out of a moving vehicle going 70km/hr to try and be a tough guy in front of my friends.

I put the bottle down for good..

..Shortly after that incident and will never go back. Being sober has given me new hope in becoming the man I was truly meant to be.  Since then I have overcome countless financial hurdles and relationship struggles trying to find myself and where I fit into this world. I wasn’t meant to work on the rigs and people asked me every time I showed them my art.. “What are you doing out here!” Recent influences in my life have taught me that the only one holding me back was myself and if I want to do great things, then… DO THEM!!  I sold my house and truck and quit my job to bring you  “Da PeaceTrain”

I have converted my Chevy Van into an RV and have been living in the van since completing the build! Travelling the USA for a few months and trying to sell/trade art for the things I need to continue my journey. I have started a  GoFundMe page to accept any donations you may be able to give. This new lifestyle has some unexpected twists and turns and it’s nice to have a little backup just in case. Thanks in advance for any contributions!

If you want to know more about my art or anything at all, email me at info@dapeacetrain.com

Thanks for reading, one love


Meet the Team

There’s no way on earth I could have completed Da Peace Train on time or with as much ease if I didn’t have a little help from my friends. Here’s a group of beauties that helped me in one way or another. Thank you and much love to all my supporters..

Gene Bevan -Okanagan Top Shelf Renovations (carpentry master)

Wes Clingo-Tarpon (electrical guru)

Mac Demers-Sundance pools (grunt work and supervision)

Richie Oulette-(body work/welding)

Jeff Demers-BChydro (flooring install and moral support)

Ashleigh Magill-Barnacle babes (graphic design)

Lee Watkins-LMW photography (camera and laptop lessons)

Brody Failler-Andres (car audio)

Custom Car Concepts – Ferd, Ricardo and Taylor

Sportsman 4×4

Gilbert’s Auto Parts-Steve Morrison

Vernon Brake and Spring-Don Smirl

Olympia Ski and Cycle-Patrick

Megawatts-Adam Watts (tech help)


Thanks a ton to all these beauties who helped make Da Peacetrain possible and thanks to anyone I forgot!! let me know and I’ll add you haha 🙂