Montana’s Pirate Parrrrrty!

Hey guys! I was recently up in Montana for the Pirate Party Music Festival with my new friends at Larva designs. It was a great event with lots of northern freaks coming out to party in the forest! We had a really great time mingling with all the people from that beautiful state.

I believe there was an attendance of around 3,500 people from all walks of life and even some children! It was actually cool to see parents get to bring their kids to the festival so they can both enjoy the weekend camping and get down to some good music.

The weather fluctuated considerably, it was 90 degrees during the day but dropped off to at least 55 at night. This was challenging for me because I didn’t exactly prepare for the massive change in temperature. Lucky my friend James Freeborn lent me a blanket the second night so I wasn’t shivering cold like the first night. Keep that in mind if you’re ever going tent camping in the mountains of Montana.

The music was pumping and the light shows were phenomenal, Especially in the forest with all the dust in the air. It looked like another atmosphere floating above the crowds. I would like to give recognition to the production crews, they did an amazing job setting up the stages and it was really impressive.

After the festival, the crew and I drove south through Yoesemite National park and down into Denver, Colorado. I flew from there to San Diego to pick up my van and make my way up the coast to Napa Valley for my PSI seminar. On the way I called my friend Mark and he told me about another smaller fest in Long Beach this last weekend. How could I resist?

Love Long Beach Music Fest..

..Was full of amazing people from all over the SoCal area, it was a great mix of  souls and was also child friendly. The future ravers were carried on their parents shoulders with ear muffs and huge smiles! There were tons of great food vendors, live artists and merchandise.

It’s a neat dynamic having this as a family event, I’ve never seen kids having so much fun! there were art workshops and a kids yoga tent and many other things to keep the kids occupied while their parents danced or just took a break. I was fortunate enough to sit as a model for a live artist named Zachary Arenson who uses fire as his medium. He is a master blowtorch artist that creates amazing realism with burnt wood.

He eventually did my entire face but I did not have my camera on the second day. You can check my FB or Instagram pages to see the full portrait.

The Dj’s were the big hit for me this weekend as I am a huge fan of house music/techno. The vendor tents were positioned perfectly right in front of the main stage which had bumping beats to dance to all day! I wasn’t actually working but I did assist when needed at the booth. It’s nice to make these good relations as I go because they could end up being a major link to my success in the future. Here’s some more shots of the Love Long Beach festival where there was no shortage of admiration.

The LBC was hot this weekend and there was a fantastic turnout for a really great festival in an even better spot! Thanks to my friend Mark from Laser Trees for giving me the heads up! And thanks for reading!!




Selling art on the road…

Hello all! Coming to you from Escondido California where it’s a balmy 95 degrees. Much better than the 125 days we had in Las Vegas! I was just in Laguna Beach and surrounding areas for the last 4/5 days trying to expose myself to the public and start selling art to keep me going financially.

It was nerve racking experience to say the least. However I am pleased that I feel more comfortable in this area of my life after displaying my art to the public. Getting over these personal hurdles is one of the toughest things a man can do. I’m proud to say that it empowers me now to be judged or critiqued. It’s all perception when it comes to art and I don’t believe it will ever be an “easy” job.

I set up shop on Laguna Beach twice and in a park near Aliso Viejo one other time with no success. Although now that I’ve networked some more, it seems I keep choosing poor locations to sell my “style” of art. I am going to head to San Diego today to attempt this again with goals of doing much better! Hoping the 4th of July crowds are digging my style and I sell out of inventory! I have 7 or 8 paintings ready to go, I just need to put myself out there.

I was at a crossroad yesterday…

..With two options, either find a gig and sell a lot of paintings. Or plan to cruise home to go to work to stock pile more money. I was literally just about to write a post about current dilemma when I received a phone call.

The call was from a guy named Chris who had an add out on Craig’s List seeking a helper for odd jobs around the house etc.. I had replied to his add the night before because it seemed like a great opportunity. I was the chosen one out of the 40 applicants to head down to his place and help him out for the day!

Furthermore and an even more exciting twist to this story. Chris is also the owner of a festival-wear design company. Meaning, he has a crew of people that go to music festivals and help set up and sell his merchandise. For my sake, this couldn’t be a better fit for the lifestyle I live and what I want to be a part of.

I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch, however I feel a good connectivity with Chris. I could easily see myself being a part of his squad and pursuing this passion of mine. It’s funny too, because I had no idea that the add for this part time helper was also from a guy who goes to almost every festival in the US.

I’m Excited, I’m Excited, I’m Excited!!

But trying to stay reserved as I don’t want to jinx this 😉 Please wish me luck as I expose my art to the world(south california) And try to keep this wicked dream a reality! Thanks for all those who have supported in one way or another along my journey!! Much Love to all of you!

Cheeeeers! And Happy 4th to all my American friends!



   Best way to secure a festival ticket? Volunteer!!

I was talking with some friends from EDC Las Vegas yesterday and the Oregon Eclipse festival came up. Someone told me to try the volunteer page as spots were still available. It’s the best way to get involved and I was accepted within one day of filling out an application!

It was really simple actually. All you have to do is fill out some personal information and what times/dates work for you and a 50$ processing fee and voila! You have successfully filled out a volunteer application. From there you have to put a deposit down for the festival ticket (400.00$). Once the volunteer work is complete and you don’t bail on the agreement, you get the money back. It makes sense to have volunteers pay up front, this way they are committed to the work and not just a free ticket.

This festival is a once in a lifetime event and I feel very blessed to be a part of it. There is a minimum of 24 hours that has to be volunteered during the festival. However I am willing to come early and stay longer to get more experience in the field.

Art will be my angle…

…When I choose which kind of work I want to do at the festival. There is everything from parking attendants to food vendors and clean up crews. I want to use my skills to land me a spot in the “Art Tent.” This decision makes sense to me and I would hate to waste my skills on something mundane like parking cars haha.

I will contact the event leader to discuss options for my placement at the festival. Also I wanted to touch on the camping rules, it says “tents only” for volunteers. Da PeaceTrain is no tent and I’m sure we can figure this out before the date. The Oregon Eclipse runs from Aug 17-23 and I will be heading straight there after my MLS seminar in Napa Valley. The seminar is done on the 13th and I will have a few days to make it to Oregon.

Don’t be shy people, here’s your chance to be a part of an amazing event that doesn’t come along very often. That said, I hope to see some comments or posts that you’ve signed up and I’ll see you there!! Cheers and OneLove as always!




Did this painting yesterday in a beach parking lot in San Diego. Was a good release to get some paint on the canvas. It’s still intimidating being a public artist just painting out of the back of my van! Although it’s getting easier the more I do it  🙂

For this painting I used acrylic for the background, then layered spray paint using stencils and cardboard cutouts. I am trying to build up a bit of a gallery in the van so I have some examples to show people. I also am working on a piece for my friend Manny who lives in Pahrump, NV. Once I establish myself here, it shouldn’t be too hard to maintain this lifestyle.

The tricky part is finding a niche that I like and sticking to it. The more I talk to people, they ask what my style is. I find myself struggling to find an answer because I have lots of styles! I think the best description for my work is is Impressionism/graffiti. I still refuse to stick to one style as I think it limits my customer base. At the same time I’m worried if I don’t have a go to style that makes me stand out, I may be overlooked. I will keep practicing and trying new things until I nail this technique. Until then, please give feedback on new art posts from me.