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Why not start up a fashion line and sell some super cool clothes? That’s what I said about two months ago and now I have made over 100 shirts for people. I have figured out a way that I can spray paint shirts to make some funky apparel that holds up in the wash. I’m still learning but am eager to expand into this realm of art as I know it can be lucrative. T-shirts are much easier to ship than canvases and way more affordable for my customers too. And besides, everyone needs clothes, right?

Now it’s easier than ever to get your hands on DaPeaceTrain apparel through my Etsy Shop. I have procrastinated opening an Etsy account for years but it’s now up and running. Countless hours of work have went into this venture and I only hope that people will like the fashion and help support my quest. Here are some examples of the T-shirts I’ve been making. Click on the images to go straight to my Etsy shop!


Lotus Flower T-shirt 35$
Tribal Elephant T-shirt 35$
Che Guevera w/tribal Cannabis 35$

I hope that gives you an idea of the style I’m trying to create in the fashion game. Some designs are basic and some have a lot more PeaceTrain flair on them. Either way, all the shirts I’ve made so far are one of a kind. I pride myself in making special clothes that you would never find in a store or mass produced. Even though I use a lot of the same stencils, each shirt is slightly different. You can select the colour schemes and overall design of your own custom shirts. I even have UV reactive paint that glows with black-lights for all the festy people out there.  Pretty cool, I know!

So what’s stopping you? Are you ready to get outfitted this season with some quality handmade goods? Good! Lets get started. Just click on any of the links leading to my Etsy page or just send me a message directly on FB and we can get you sorted out in a jiffy. Processing time takes about a week depending on shirt availability and shipping is around two weeks.

Check out more of DaPeaceTrain’s apparel

Don’t think I’m just doing T-shirts either, I can do these designs on long sleeved shirts, hoodies, tank tops and pretty much anything that will accept spray paint. The longevity of these shirts depends on you, I would wash it on gentle and hang dry for optimal results. Like I said, they do hold up in the wash but for longevity I would be a little more careful with these than you are with your work pants 😉

So that’s it! Get on DaPeaceTrain and buy some wearable art! Supporting artists is always a good feeling and I know you like feeling good. Especially when you’re wearing custom clothes! Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

ps.. I’m always up for design ideas if you don’t see something you like 😉

Thanks for the support!



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