Exploring in Doi Saket Pays Off

Exploring a school in the jungle

I decided to head into the mountains for a little exploring. It was Thursday in Doi Saket. There were some cool places up in the hills that I wanted to check out. I drove out of town and found a promising turnoff that led to a gravel road heading up the mountain. Knowing I would eventually find something worthwhile I continued up the windy road.Finding myself coming to a dead end I rerouted and went around a cool lake. Nothing worth writing home about however it was great to see something new. I persevered up the dirt road for a few kilometres to end up on a paved road. This was kind of nice considering the terrain was getting pretty sketchy for my poor little scooter in the jungle. I made a decision to head right on the paved road.

It wasn’t long before I came up to an intersection. I had a choice to either go straight towards the Royal Agriculture Research Centre of Chiangmai. Or I could go left around a lake towards The School For Life. Going with my gut I headed left. Two kilometres passed the lake I approached the entrance for the school. I was happy with my decision.

 I grabbed my camera..

..and started walking into the “school yard”. It was surreal to see this isolated learning centre in the middle of the jungle. However I did not know if I was allowed to be there, let alone documenting it. I quickly found a teacher who would be able to help me answer this question. I introduced myself and explained what I was doing exploring this foreign land. “Mr. B” was very welcoming and said it was ok for me to look around and take some shots.

I encountered a group of students with a teacher seemingly playing a game like rock, paper, scissors. I made my way over slowly, trying not to interrupt. They noticed me approaching and everyone looked up to see who the outsider was. There are not many visitors up here especially Canadian tourists with tattoos. I met some of the kids and their teacher, who was a younger German fellow who was on a mission to give these children an education. There were many expat teachers here and the kids loved them and the games they played together. I sat and watched some of the fun with many eyes upon me. It was one of the coolest experiences in my life.

Discovering this school..

 ..was a humbling observation. One of the teachers explained that all of these students were either abandoned or taken away from their parents for humane reasons. This made my heart hurt but filled me with love at the same time. I had such a great appreciation for this academy and what they are doing. There are many children in this country that get no education at all. I was thrilled to witness this outreach program first hand. The difference this makes in these kids’ lives is incredible and it shows.

The kids loved having me as their guest. I am grateful for seeing this education system and exploring this region of the jungle. It gave me a profound understanding of how lucky we are in Canada and other parts of the world. These children are inspiring to me and have a second chance at the School For Life. I wanted to share this experience with you, thank you for reading. I will continue to explore the far stretches of the world. At the same time bring to you a great story that is sure to enrich the soul.


Jonny D

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