My First New Years Abroad

Happy New Years From Thailand!

Greetings everyone! It has been a long while since my last post and I apologize. I have been preoccupied doing art and focusing my energy on new ways of expressing myself. I am back in Pai, Thailand where I have set up a home base at backpackers paradise. Here I am able to be creative in more ways than one. I am blessed and very grateful for everyone at paradise who has inspired me, or helped me along this journey.

Last night was New Years Eve and we had an excellent gathering of souls at Paradise. There were fire spinners and live music to bring in 2019. It was a great chance to reflect on how big 2018 was for me and how much of a difference I made in my own life. Furthermore, and I sold more paintings than I ever thought possible. It was an amazing year with so many new experiences I cannot even mention half of them. Much of these accomplishments were made possible by setting goals and working hard to make them reality. Mindset is everything and I was clear that I would be able to find a way to travel for free by using my skills as trade.

And… Here I Am!

Living my dream as I continue to push my comfort zone higher and expand as an artist and as a human being. Being clear and motivated is most certainly the only fuel you need to change your life. I only wish more people would take the steps to change their lives and become who they always wanted to be. It would make for a happier world and offer more opportunities for people to be authentic and creative. Fear is the biggest goal crusher and allowing it to push dreams aside is very detrimental to our happiness. Stay course and let those fears become little speed bumps on the road to success. Overcoming our fears is one of the most powerful things we can do as humans to grow and become something we never thought possible.

I recently have been pushing my comfort zone on the stage. We have an open mic twice a week and I have been performing in front of hundreds of people. This has always been a huge fear of mine. Being in the spotlight is above all, the one “thing” I want to overcome. It’s also the most common fear in the world and as a result, people hold themselves back from becoming something they’ve always wanted. Anyways I just want share some of these things to help spark something in you. Here’s some of my art over the last couple months and also a video of me singing Sweet Child O’ Mine!

That night was so fun!

Next time I’m trying that song without the Axl Rose backup. I love it here and will probably stay here for another couple months. There is a few more murals to do and I’m going to push myself to keep singing and getting on stage. I also have the opportunity to learn fire spinning from the medicine circus here at Paradise. What better place to be? Constantly learning and expanding my skills. To wrap this post up I want to wish everyone a safe holiday and best of luck in 2019! Get out there and make a difference 😉



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