First time in Bangkok – Watch out for scams!

I made it to bangkok alive!

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I am experiencing a new culture in the craziest city in the world. There is so much going on here it’s hard to compute. I have seen some temples and took a river boat tour. Got on some scooter taxis and had some of the best street food to date. Oh yeah, and I got a tattoo on my forearm on Khao San road.

There is much to do in this massive metropolis and I barely scratched the surface in four days. Tourism is booming here and the locals know how to take advantage of that. You have to be careful not to fall for any scams. Whether it be fake boat tours or the overpriced VIP taxis, it’s easy to be caught off guard in this foreign land. Be mindful that there several scams in this city and keep an eye out for the suspicious characters. Here are some of the more popular scams in the nations capitol…

  • The grand palace is closed. (TukTuk drivers will take you to other temples because the grand palace is closed, he will get his cut from the temple guards and you will end up paying much more than needed).
  • The Patpong scam. (Suspicious locals will try and persuade you into their club to watch a show. It will end up costing you a lot of money for nothing).
  • The TukTuk scams. (TukTuk drivers will offer to take you to a special government discount on gemstones or tailored suits, you might get some nice stuff but at a cost much higher than what it’s worth. And the driver takes his cut or gets a “coupon” for bringing you there).

There is no wealth like knowledge…

If you know what to watch out for, you have far better odds than the average tourist. Avoid the TukTuk driver’s who try to call you over, or politely refuse their service. Try not to look lost all the time, staring at your phone and looking around in circles makes you a prime target. Be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid sticky situations. I got taken to a custom tailor shop and I did buy a suit. I’m happy with the price I paid but it was definitely a pressure sale. I’ve heard horror stories from fellow travellers since being here. So watch out!

I don’t want to scare you but it’s a good thing to have a bit of knowledge before taking on Bangkok. Most importantly, stick to your original plans. Don’t allow locals to tell you what you want to see unless you know and trust them. Even asking for directions might cost you 20/30 baht. I don’t want to make it sound dangerous or misleading here. This city is amazing and will leave an impact on you no matter what. It’s just nice knowing what you’re up against. Check out my photography from this wonderful city here.

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Jonny D

Happy Travelling!

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