I’m sure lots of you are wondering,  why should we read this blog…

..what’s so great about it? Well, I’ll have you know, I have been to 11 countries in the world and I want to share my experiences with you, at the same time create new experiences and share those too! I like to do things a little different from most, for instance, We backpacked Europe for 21 days and stayed in hotels/hostels only 6 nights. We stayed in tent, hidden in plain sight for the rest of the trip!

Obviously staying in a tent and living out of a backpack isn’t the most luxurious accommodations, but it was much cheaper and also a lot of fun! Posting up wherever we had enough tree coverage to hide the tent in cities like Pamplona, Spain and London, England! It was an adventure I’ll never forget and I’m proud to say it was my idea 😉  So that being said, I’m constantly trying to figure out new ways to save money while travelling and extend my stay longer than I once thought possible.

Here’s our camp in Pamplona, Spain.

 It was a beautiful spot right beside the river on private land but hidden from everything. I know in some countries, camping without a permit or not in a campground can be illegal and charges may occur, but I was willing to take my chances since I was confident in our hiding spots lol. This might be a good time to explain why I keep referring to things in plural. My ex-fiance Rebecca and I were the ones to pull off all the gangster camping in Europe.

We did some pretty amazing things together that I’ll never forget and I owe it to our travels together why I’m addicted to seeing new things and experiencing some of the worlds most extraordinary events. It was a very busy Eurotrip to say the least, I don’t think there was one day out of 21 where we weren’t in a bus station, train station or an airport! We saw 8 countries (counting the Vatican in Rome) in 21 days! We were exhausted but had many epic days and nights throughout the trip that made it all worth it.

I don’t want to ramble on too much because I will be posting the Euro-trip in another segment. This was just to open your eyes to the possibility of extending travels and saving money! That is, if you don’t mind roughing it in a tent lol.  Stay tuned because I will be posting more of my previous travels day by day. Happy Travels!

PS. Have you ever had sex while camping? Its in-tents!!