greetings from calgary

This weekend I am taking part in transforming peoples lives and setting goals. I am Staffing a PSI Basic Seminar and assisting in creating wealth and abundance for the students. This type of work is an exceptional tool to basically create ANYTHING you want in your life. It also gives people a new outlook on their programs and what drives their decision making.

I just signed up to staff two days ago and am already playing catch up to prepare myself for the seminar. I need to dress in formal attire and look professional.  Lucky I had two suits packed away in the van! Other than that I have to set a 30 day goal. I have to have clarity for what exactly I want to accomplish within that time frame. I have decided that I will have sold 4 inspirational paintings to PSI Seminars and have them displayed in the bunkhouses at the High Valley Ranch in Napa, CA.


i love setting goals!

This goal is a stretch for me as I do not have an abundance of free time in the next 30 days. Good thing I enjoy challenges! I will be diligent with my time management and be focused on completing my goal. Today I am going to buy some art supplies and start one of the paintings. This goal is  a stepping stone for me. I want my brand to be a staple for PSI Seminars, I want to create something that resinates with every student who goes to the ranch. This would be extremely rewarding to me on a spiritual level. Having my art displayed for so many to see gives me goosebumps.

With that said, it’s time for me to make a move. I need to ground myself and let the creativity flow. Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Pictures to follow!

One Love, Jonny D

My Nomadic Way of Life is Working!

Hi everyone! I’m coming to you from San Jose, CA from yet another Starbucks where I feel almost at home now. I am celebrating the success of my nomadic lifestyle and I want to share that with you. Throughout the last few months I have made hundreds of new friends and incredible connections along the way. I want to express thanks to those of you who have signed up for the newsletter and supported me in any other way. I am grateful for all of you who want to assist me in this journey and keep the dream alive.

When making this kind of drastic change in your life, you have to expect some negative people trying to stand in your way. I try to ignore such people and focus strictly on my goals and how to get where I want to be. Being mindful of how to turn off limiting beliefs in the brain isn’t easy and I practice it everyday! I have not mastered this technique or anything but I have had some help to realize how destructive being negative is to my life. “What you think – You create”! It’s easy as that. If more people had this mindset, the world would be a better place.

Anyways, that’s just one of the methods I use to acquire what I need when I need it. I will be honest, I have been down to my last 200$ several times on this trip. Somehow I’ve managed to create wealth or opportunities when I need them most. For example, after the Lightning in a Bottle music fest, I asked the universe for a job working at festivals. It was only 3 weeks later I met Chris and got a gig selling clothes for him at music festivals! It’s really that easy people! Meditation and mindset are your biggest allies when creating the life of your dreams. Try it out for yourself!

So from here I have a mens leadership seminar this weekend in Napa Valley. This seminar will help me create more value in my life and allow me to truly dig deep into what holds me back from doing great things. I am excited to see all my friends from my PSI 560 group and create new memories with the MLS team.

Thanks for reading!