The first three nights living in a van

  The first three nights in the van were a Great Success!! Very happy with the comfort level and set up but I also started tweaking little things to make life easier, I honestly have a hard time leaving things alone… At the same time I do want as many of the bugs ironed out while I have the resources here. Adapting to the lifestyle will certainly be the biggest challenge for me. It’s the little things like a flushing toilet and a shower that will be missed the most for sure.

Anyways, the first night I stayed on Okanagan Lake by the Komasket music festival grounds.. It was a very peaceful setting after I opened the doors and revealed the sunshine and sparkling water.  It was actually colder inside the van than it was outside haha!

The second night I stayed near Kalamalka Lake Park, I got there later in the evening and it was already pitch black out. I posted up in the parking lot where mountain bikers and hikers park their vehicles, I could hear people in the morning unloading their bikes and heading out.. I just tried to be still so they didn’t know I was sleeping in the van.. Haha.

The third night it was pouring rain and I’m happy to report no leaks!! Pretty big relief for sure! I parked at the Cosens bay parking lot that night and there were a few people following suit and camping there as well. Another beauty sunrise in the morning sure helped bring life into the blacked out PeaceTrain,  honestly I’m impressed with how dark it actually stays in the back even with the roof vent.

So tonight I came back out to Westside but I am parked at our family cabin, I’m using my phone’s hotspot to post this and keep the updates current. With that said, I am one tuckered little boy and am calling it a night. Please comment or ask questions! Also stay tuned because I will be posting videos on the entire build process from day 1.



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