The start of something Gooood!

Well in the last 6 months I sold my house, quit from my job, bought a van and converted it to my new tiny home on wheels! My plan is to head south and explore everything in sight! I have no final destination for this trip, I simply want to get off the hamster wheel of everyday life and share my adventures through my blog. There are two ways to be rich, either you acquire lots, or you desire little! I’m approaching life in a whole new way now where less is more and new experiences matter more to me than a mortgage!

That quote resinates with me, I feel like I should seize the day and start my new life of art and travel while I’m still young and healthy enough to do it. Nobody is standing in the way of my dreams except myself. I am discovering how rewarding it is to shut off some of my old “programs” and actually do what I love. The possibilities are endless when you focus your energy in the right direction to accomplish goals when before these dreams seemed almost impossible to attain. With that said, I am actually moving my bed to my sisters today and am going to start sleeping in the van TONIGHT! hahahaha OMG this is exciting!! Stay tuned, there’s lots to come! One Love from..  DaPeaceTrain

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