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I Have an addiction to Travel

And I want to create a life that revolves around travelling and spreading my art. Within the last year I was able to completely shift my life from an oilfield worker into a travel blogger/artist. I owe much of my success to a personal growth workshop called PSI. Click here to read more about that experience.

So far I have road tripped the USA,  backpacked Europe and been to the Caribbean and Mexico. This brings me to a total count of 11 countries and only 4% of the world. This spring I want to spread my wings further to other parts of this massive globe. I have a new goal of seeing south east Asia and Australia. I have already started to manifest this incredible journey that will last longer than any adventure thus far.

That’s all it takes, be clear and focused on what you want and it will transpire right before your eyes. Positive mindset and a little hard work go a long way when it comes to planning a trip. Many people believe travelling is for the rich and there is no way they could afford it. I used to think like this, it’s a slippery slope and if you keep focussing on not being able to do it. Guess what?  You probably won’t.

Travelling is not free, however with some discipline and the right vision, anything is possible. Believe me when I say there is no way I thought I’d be where I am today three years ago. My mindset improved when I embraced change and looked at my situation differently. That being said…

where is your next trip?

I want some feedback from my readers! I would love to know where you plan to visit next. I can help you build a strategy to save money and make your travel dreams come true!

Im going to buy a plane ticket with my first paycheque. this will solidify my plans and give me a sense of urgency when it comes to saving money this winter. It will also help me to devise some sort of game plan or itinerary.

My vision for this crusade starts in the Netherlands. I will make my way east through Europe into the middle east. Continuing on to Thailand and Indonesia, I know my money will go a lot further and support me for much longer in these countries. I would then love to see Australia and New Zealand, making my way home after that.

To think is to create.

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